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Choose to Win - Self Paced


Welcome to Choose to Win – Your Path to Success! Are you a mid-level manager or mid-career professional with dreams of becoming an influential leader? Overcome roadblocks to personal leadership mastery with our 6-week coaching program, Choose to Win. What Choose to Win Offers: - 🌟 Weekly Live Sessions: Every Wednesday evening, from 6 pm to 9 pm, join me for interactive sessions designed for your growth. - 🎯 Set Clear Goals: Overcome overwhelm and define your goals with clarity. - 🚀 Boost Confidence: Develop personal leadership skills to make a significant impact. - 🧠 Deepen Self-Awareness: Enhance emotional intelligence for better decision-making. Addressing Your Challenges: - 🤹‍♂️ Struggle with Discipline? I've got strategies. - ⚖️ Work-Life Balance Frustration? I understand. - 🤝 Finding Support? Choose to Win guides you through every step. Unlock Your Success: - 🎯 Your "WHY" for Success - 🚭 Elimination of Unhealthy Habits - 🌟 Transformation for a Meaningful Life Bonus Inclusion: - Enrol now and receive Ziglar's principles in the "Choose To Win" book (KES 2,000 value). - Earn a certificate of completion. - Unlock 30 minutes of private coaching with Coach Samantha. Ready to Choose to Win? Don't miss your chance to define and achieve success. Enrol now and transform your life—one simple choice at a time.

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