Yes, YOU were Born to Win - but you must 


Zig has always taught that “You were born to win, but to be the winner you were born to be you must plan to win and prepare to win. Then and only then can you legitimately expect to win''. 

An EXCLUSIVE ONE-ONE twelve-week virtual coaching program to help you unleash the great leadership traits within you and put you on the path to successful leadership. 


Inspires Creativity - Learn the most powerful simple life-changing  things you can do in the seven key areas of your life 

Creates Hope - Release the bad habits you have that are resulting in misery, dissatisfaction, and lack of success

Empowers - Using a system that helps you embed the new life-changing habits, and create the life you dream about and deserve.

In addition, 

this  12 Week CHOOSE TO WIN PROGRAM will help you understand:

  1. ​Why getting rid of a bad habit is not enough to live the life you deserve

  2. The eight things in life everyone wants to have in order to feel successful

  3. How to increase your performance every time and get results

  4. ​Why becoming the right person determines your success potential

  5. ​Which bad habits sabotage your life and how to replace them

​and much, much more …

*Please note that the delivery of this 12-week program is virtual*

You can live a life that leaves no room for regret or worry and discover the starting point for a joyful, exciting, vibrant life. 

It is true that when you have prepared yourself to be the right kind of person, you can do what you need to do to expect success. 

When you truly understand that you were born to win, you can change the world!

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About the coach


Samantha Orchardson - Matumo, is the first Ziglar Certified Choose to Win Coach in East Africa. She is committed to helping her clients Be, Do and Have more than they thought possible. 

The Ziglar Corporation is known for working with individuals and companies to help them achieve higher levels of success and significance.


Samantha is proud to be partnering with them, as she believes through coaching, she can help change the leadership landscape on the African Continent and greatly change the socio-economic narrative.