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What would you do if you were brave?

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

When I first came across this question, the first thing that came to mind was a to-do list with activities that are currently a struggle. For a few moments, I allowed myself to visualize what it would look like to check off all the items on that list and the feeling of accomplishment that I would enjoy once everything was done.

It was interesting to note that my first thought was something I was struggling with, and at a glance, bravery meant handling ''problem areas'' in my work and personal life. Needless to say, the feeling of bravery quickly passed and in fact, I was not sure whether I really wanted to be brave. I even convinced myself that things were ok the way they were and that bravery was for others, just not me.

The shift happened when I realized that I am already brave. YOU are brave! Many times we do not appreciate the things that we overcome in our daily lives. We downplay our input in our personal lives, homes, work-spaces, businesses, etc, and conjure up a completely different image of what bravery should look like.

A poet put it so simply as;

being brave

doesn't always mean

doing dangerous things

being brave

could also mean

getting out of bed

every morning

being brave

could also mean

putting your heart

back out there

despite hurting multiple times

being brave

could also mean

apologizing to someone


being brave

could also mean

being in pain

yet choosing to smile through it

you're so so brave

and i'm so proud of you

so proud of how far you've come

and so proud of how far you'll go.

things will be okay.

This year has been unprecedented. YOU have been brave. Remember the things you never thought you could handle or the days that seemed to be painfully slow - YOU came through them. YOU have been brave. Celebrate that!


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Looking forward to you joining me,



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