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Samantha Orchardson-Matumo


ZIGLAR Coach | Personal Development & Leadership Coach 

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Everything rises and falls on leadership and
the toughest person to lead is yourself.  


Tel: +254 771 304750 or Write to:

Are you an Emerging Leader, Manager or High Performer?

Are you living a life of balanced success? 
Are you boldly and confidently pursuing your vision? 

Are your habits moving you closer to your goals? 

Are you intentionally choosing to live your legacy in order to leave a great legacy? 

If your answers are not all YES - You're in the right place!

Move towards your vision

Discover your WHY and move purposefully towards it 

Embrace your values

Prioritise and embrace your values to help you develop your leadership style

Overcome self-limiting beliefs

Start laying down the building blocks to not only live your legacy but leave a legacy. 

Achieve your goals

  Achieve your goals by infusing sustainable disciplines into your lifestyle. 

Hi, I'm Samantha, founder of Pursuit by Design.


My mission is to help emerging leaders, and managers design, develop and transform their unique leadership styles and habits so that they can become top-performing leaders, and live successfully balanced lives.

I work with individuals who are willing to be boldly different, pursue and live in their purpose, start living their legacies and, and develop authentic and impactful leadership styles. 

There is a process to becoming a transformed individual, who becomes an impactful leader. An impactful leader translates into successful businesses, thriving communities, while making a difference in a nation. 


Working with Samantha has been an absolute joy. She supported me as I transitioned from the corporate world and navigated into entrepreneurship. She held my hand walked with me, helping me unlock my potential and circumvent my blocks.


Samantha is a great listener – she was able to listen to what I was saying and not saying; she could read my tone and body language well even though we had to have all our sessions on Zoom due to the pandemic. She kept time, never cancelled appointments and was able to end the sessions within the given time having covered all that needed to be covered. I felt that I could trust her with my thoughts because of her professionalism. Coaching gave me a new lease of life. It helped me process my transition, and what I have to offer the world. It took me from a place of feeling inadequate and discouraged to a point where I was able to tap into my gifts and experience to start a mentorship program for youth. Coaching helped me clearly define what success and happiness look like for me. I was able to embark on that journey where the prize is clear and worth the attempt even if it takes time.  


Samantha has worked with me over the course of several months to help me establish ways of boosting my business brand and sales. She has been very positive and believed in my potential. Through Coaching, I have been able to break steps I needed to take into manageable pieces and seeing realistic and achievable results in the end.​


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