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Choose to Win

A Step-by-Step Program for Mid-Career Professionals to Define and Achieve Success.

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Change Can Be Challenging - BUT - YOU Can Find Your Own Path To Success! 


Introducing Choose to Win! This is an 8 week program is designed to empower you to design winning habits that will help you achieve your goals in key areas of your life: mentally, spiritually, physically, financially, personally, with your family, and in your career.


We understand that success isn't just about dreaming; it's about making a plan and taking action. That's why Choose to Win focuses on the habits that truly make a difference. Through our simple yet comprehensive 7-step goal-setting system, you'll gain clarity on your "big why" – the driving force behind your desire for change.

  • Are you seeking greater clarity on how your professional journey can align with your personal values?

  • Have you ever taken the time to clearly define what would truly fulfil you personally and professionally?

  • Is the constant struggle to balance work and personal life affecting your overall well-being?

  • Are you actively working on deepening your self-awareness?  

  • Do you often find it challenging to stay disciplined and focused, especially when pursuing personal and professional goals?

  • Do you need strategies to help you maintain consistency and focus in your daily life?

  • Are you looking for simple steps that you can take to align your goals with your deepest sense of fulfilment?

  • How is self-doubt, fear of failure, and other internal obstacles impacting your pursuit of personal and professional success?

  • Are you willing to work on your mindset in order to empower you to overcome these internal barriers?

  • Do you believe that mastering personal leadership abilities could elevate your career and personal life?

HERE'S What You Can Achieve

Set Clear Goals Confidently

Unearth the power of setting professional and personal goals without feeling overwhelmed. Define your path and lay the foundation for success.

Grow Confident in Your Leadership Abilities

Master the art of choosing habits that will automatically produce the character qualities every leader must have.

Deepen Self-Awareness

Use time-tested principles to find real success and build a lasting legacy.

week 1

Ignite Your Spark: Discover your core WHY, the driving force behind your success, and Dream BIG.

week 4

Strengthen family bonds, build support networks and make wise financial decisions for lasting stability.

week 2

Define achievable goals, craft a strategic roadmap and cultivate mental habits to bring them to life.

week 5

Discover energizing activities, prioritize personal time, and identify strategies for enhancing professional performance.

week 3

Explore spirituality, principles, values and prioritize physical well-being for holistic growth & fulfillment.

week 6

Integrate your learnings, refine your vision, and solidify your commitment to living a life of meaning and impact.

Bonus Materials:
  • "Choose To Win" book: Proven principles for success.

  • ️ Unlock 60-Minute Private Coaching: Gain direct access to Coach Samantha for tailored advice and support during a dedicated private session.

  • Lifetime access to our online community: Stay connected and inspired long after the program ends.

JULY 2024 Registration is now open! 

LIMITED spots available. ​

Stop dreaming, start achieving   |   Build a future you're proud of   |   Live a life of purpose and fulfilment

  • Choose to Win - Installments

    Every month
    A Step-by-Step Program for Mid-Career Professionals to Define and Achieve Success.
    Valid for 2 months
  • Best Value

    Choose to Win - Full Fee

    A Step-by-Step Program for Mid-Career Professionals to Define and Achieve Success.
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About the coach


Samantha Orchardson - Matumo, is the first Ziglar Certified Choose to Win Coach in East Africa. She is committed to helping her clients Be, Do and Have more than they thought possible. 

The Ziglar Corporation is known for working with individuals and companies to help them achieve higher levels of success and significance.


Samantha is proud to be partnering with them, as she believes through coaching, she can help change the leadership landscape on the African Continent and greatly change the socio-economic narrative.   

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