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Samantha Orchardson-Matumo

As a former employee with various blue-chip companies, and an entrepreneur in different trading spaces, I know what it means to be seemingly go back to ground zero. I know how dissatisfying life can be with various achievements, but which are not meaningful. I know what it feels like to start a business with hardly any support, or community, and I will be honest, it can be an uphill task. I know what lack of confidence can do, not only on a business level, but also on a personal level.

In 2016, I was desperate to figure my life out. With seemingly nowhere to turn to, I came to the stark realisation that I had not asked the one person who would know everything about me. God. He created me in His own image, Gen 1:27, has plans for me (Jer 29:11), and will walk in the good works which God has prepared beforehand. (Eph 2:10) And my new journey began.

I want to help other women who are going through transitions, who are overwhelmed as business owners, who want to live intentionally, in purpose, and living legacy. When we live purposefully, the impact on our spheres of influence is invaluable. Together as women, we can re-write the script for our families, our community, our society and our future leaders. Are you comfortable with the way things are? Would you like to design a more meaningful lifestyle? Are you willing to put in the work? 


  • Certified Professional Coach, (International Coach Federation Member)

  • Women-to-women Ministry Facilitator

  • Bachelor of Business Administration – Entrepreneurship major

  • Certified Event Planner

in my free time...

  • Reading

  • Travelling

  • Cooking

  • ...and at times doing absolutely nothing are some of the things that help me unwind.

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Wilson Business Park - Off Langata Road

2nd Floor, Block Bravo

P. O. Box 856 -00606

Nairobi, Kenya.

Tel: (254) 20 3673822

Mobile: (+254) 703041822/ (+254) 730173822

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