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5 Benefits Of Taking A Social Media Break

What is the most significant thing you have done in the last month?

I took a Social Media Break for a whole month.

Coming into the last quarter of this year 2022, there were many things in my business that required my attention. I needed to do something drastic in order to have that focus and concentrate. Guess what I did? - I took a Social Media Break for a whole month. I logged off and signed out of Facebook, Instagram,& LinkedIn, the only platforms I am on, and deleted the apps from my phone and laptop so that I would not get tempted to log in quickly and take ' ‘only 5 min’’ to see what’s happening in the social media streets.

Tuned into Focus FM radio station

By shutting out the noise from my external environment. Tune into Focus FM, gave me the opportunity to focus on what was really important. It was different, but very beneficial. Different sometimes is great. Here is what I experienced.

5 benefits of taking a social media break

1. Clarity

Social Media streets can be very distracting. They can pull a person in every imaginable direction, a direction that one probably never intended to go down in the first place. Work can sometimes be overwhelming, but with clarity, you can move forward.

2. Motivation

It is easy to run on fumes instead of on fuel, especially when the end of the year is fast approaching. Seeing the amount of progress that you are making in what you set out to do will keep you motivated and on track.

Be careful of running on fumes instead of fuel.

3. Gratitude

Acknowledge the growth you have experienced in comparison to the same time last year. It is important to appreciate the efforts you have put in. Learn from the things that did not go well and celebrate the things that did go well.

4. Invested time

Time is not a resource we own, it is a gift. Invest time in what is important. Relationships with family, friendships, hobbies, volunteering, personal, professional, and spiritual growth. As you invest time in what it is important, it will come to maturity and one day you will reap a harvest.

5. Spiritual growth

Spirituality and faith keeps human beings grounded. Take this time to connect deeper, more frequently, more intentionally with God. Look around to see the Word of God alive and active in your day to day life. Enjoy those moments. Live a life of gratitude.


No matter how the last few months have turned out for you;

Challenge yourself to do ONE thing differently this month and see what results you get.


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