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5 Reasons Why Personal Growth Requires Courage

Have you ever had deep moments of personal reflection?

Were you happy with what revelations you had about yourself, and your self-leadership style?

What did you do after that revelation?

Some seasons in life tend to force a person to slow down, and have moments for personal reflection. What happens afterwards is just as important as the moment itself. These moments are important as it is a key to self-awareness. It helps one become conscious about their thoughts, actions, behaviour, mindsets, feelings and emotions in a neutral way. When one takes time to reflect, it helps them know what areas they need to strengthen for a better future. To become more effective in your personal and professional life, it is moments like these that are the catalyst for improvement.

As a leader your influence is determined by what is going on inside of you.

The light within you cannot shine externally, if internally the things that need to be dealt with are not being dealt with.
As they continue building up, they will eventually block out the light that is supposed to shine through you.

When one comes the realisation that some things must change there are two choices to make. To do something about it and reap the long-term benefits; or do nothing about it, and probably miss out on opportunities in the future.

This is what you will find out when you choose to build, strengthen, and improve your character;

  1. Growth is necessary. You know those fervent prayers, asking God to ‘stretch out my tent’, to give me ‘opportunities’, to ‘open doors’? Guess what, He answers them. Shocking? No. When they are answered, how will you handle the extra responsibilities, extra pressure, etc

  2. Growth is not pretty. There is no protocol. Outside you may look all put together, but inside, it's a mess. That is ok.These areas of growth that are necessary are hardly physical, but internal. It may look like forgiveness, letting go, mind-shift, attitude shift, spiritual anchoring, new habits, discipline, the list goes on.

  3. Growth requires courage. It is a choice to be courageous, especially when you feel that you are too set in your ways and you feel that you cannot change. People around you are still being impacted by the changes going on inside of you. It takes courage to stay the course, even when it is uncomfortable for them. This process will show you the people who really want you to grow, and those who have been taking a joy-ride.

  4. Growth is a process. It may mean breaking down and rebuilding foundations. It may include testing and separation. It cultivates the character and qualities necessary to handle opportunities.

  5. Growth is preparation. Preparation for the next level. You owe it to yourself, even if you have no clue what the next level or season is all about.

You have been given the opportunity to influence and to lead.

The question is, what are you willing to do in order to be raised up not only as an effective leader?


No matter how the last few months have turned out for you;

Be courageous. Start by doing ONE thing that you know is necessary for your personal growth.


Need some help in finding direction in your life? Are you unsure that what you are doing right now is what you are meant to be doing? Are you finding it difficult to settle into your leadership role? Is now the time something needs to change? Book your complimentary session here.

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