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5 Tips To Get Out Of The Comparison Trap

What emotions do you feel when you read the statements below?

I have limited abilities, I just cannot make it work. (Peter)seems to always know what to do.

If only I was a gifted speaker like (Anne), then I would have no problem getting business.

If only I had the gift of putting words together flawlessly like (Anne) then I would be an author.

Believing and thinking such statements become a big part of self talk - sad but true. Comparison can be subtle but watch out it can have a profound influence on your self talk .

Constantly being in a state of comparison is a confidence zapper, attitude damper and a self-destructive habit, yet the truth is each one of us has been uniquely designed with the abilities necessary for success.

Comparison causes us to start focusing on what other people are doing with what they have, instead of directing that focus onto the responsibility that we each have which is to live out our lives in full, using our very own inbuilt abilities.

If you find yourself constantly comparing yourself with others, these 5 things to help you overcome this habit.

  1. Change your self-talk, today. Replace the word if with I am, or I can. What you tell yourself every morning sets the mood for your day. The greatest story is always the one you tell yourself. Notice I have used the word talk,or tell yourself. I mean that quite literally. Look at yourself in the mirror, speak positively to yourself, and start creating a healthy habit of self-talk. It may seem unusual, but it works.

  2. Be hopeful each day. There is always hope in the future. Focus on being solution conscious not problem conscious. You have something to offer. It is true, the past greatly impacts who we are today, but whatever is no longer useful, do not carry it with you into the future. Your past is uniquely yours, and those experiences have prepared you to face your future, today.

  3. There is no naturally born successful professional. Everyone is born either a boy or girl. It is by choice and training that you can become what you wish.It is a process,but with determination, dedication, and diligence, you too can make it. Keep the focus on doing what you need to do to become proficient in what it is you are doing.

  4. Use what you already have. Those who will not read are no better off than those who cannot read. Those who have received training and information, are no better off than the person who does not have the information. Put into practice the skills and information from your depository. If you wait until everything is just right, before you do it, chances are high that you will never do it.

  5. You already have the abilities necessary for success. Learn to reach within yourself and utilize the enormous potential that is there. Look for people who can help you see this potential. Coaches, mentors, colleagues etc. Your value becomes real and marketable when this happens. The more you utilize what you have, chances are you will be given more to use. On the other hand, if you do not use what you have, chances are that you will lose it.


No matter how the last few months have turned out for you;

Challenge yourself to do ONE thing differently this month and see what results you get.


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