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A Tight Grip

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

Have you received anything whilst holding onto something with a tight grip? It is rather difficult and almost impossible. To receive, one must open and release what is in those tightly clenched hands. Only when we release what we’re currently holding on to can we receive the better things that Jesus provides. We have to give up what’s behind us so we can accept what God puts before us.

A fresh start or a new beginning will require opening those tightly clenched hands and letting go. Life sometimes forces a reboot or circumstances where a fresh start is required. Other times, a fresh start is much needed, but it is a daunting choice to make. It means releasing the past and being open to possibilities, being expectant rather than resigned, being accepting rather than resisting, being confident rather than fearful, and more importantly being gracious rather than guilty.

Some of us think that holding on makes us strong but sometimes it is letting go - Herman Hesse

When you start something new, you’re not really beginning completely fresh. Your past experiences, failures, and successes have all taught you something. More than you realize.

If you notice,

You are truly unhappy with your current circumstances

You are no longer learning anything new

You are not enjoying stuff that you used to

You are still hurt by an old grudge

Your current needs and goals have changed

You catch yourself living in the past

Release what you are holding onto and give room for new beginnings and fresh starts.

What is in your tightly clenched fist?

What possibilities do you envision if you dare let go?

A life coach can help you face your fears, and step into fresh beginnings confidently.

Reach out to learn how as a coach I can help.

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