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Updated: Dec 31, 2021

We are all bound to face rejection at one point or another in our lives.There can only be one winner on some occasions and that will not always be you. We may miss the mark and sometimes fail. As cliche as it may sound, we must learn the art of getting back up each time. Business isn’t a bed of roses and it requires grit and determination to get through each day.

For women in business, it becomes tougher to deal with rejection due to the nature of who we are as compared to men. They are arguably 'used to' rejection because they are pursuers. They can quickly brush the dust off and move on. Meanwhile, women tend to take things to heart, dwell on it a little longer than they should, and possibly end up missing opportunities. Whether it's true or not may vary from individual to individual. Perhaps it is a factor of nature, or maybe it's a myth. Either way, we need to fight a little harder and smarter.

In order to get you through that heart wrenching moment, here are some tips that will help you regain your confidence back like it never left.

1. Take a moment to soak it all in

You’ve just had a potential client or a potential business partner reject your proposal and you feel like all your hard work has just gone down the drain. At this moment, you feel like quitting or would want to wallow in your sorrow forever. The good news is that this is normal and what makes you human. Take some time to accept what has happened. The not so great news is that you’ll need to face the facts and get back up. What may feel like a failure at that moment in time is what is going to be one of your greatest learning lessons to get you the next deal or that signed contract.

2. Get curious… “Why?”

It’s now time to dig deep for some answers. At this point, you can opt to reach out to the client and request for some feedback. From this, you will get to find out why you weren’t the best fit for each other. They could also be more than willing to give you some tips on how to bag your next deal. If they are not reachable, it would be best to dive into some research. Also, you could approach similar businesses and find out more on what you could improve on. Everyone needs help at one point or another and businesses could always learn from each other’s mistakes. Take that leap of faith.

3. Regroup and restructure

Now that you have the answers you need, pull out your seat and get to re-strategising. Go back to your map and review it step by step. At this point, I am certain that you will identify where you could have done things differently. Go over it again and if possible, seek a second or third opinion. Scout for someone who is conversant with the sector you’re dealing with and see if your ideas bounce off each other. This is important because they could be seeing something beneficial that you’re not.

4. Build back your confidence

It’s time to get your groove back. You are now more educated and have learnt from past experience. More knowledge will build your confidence and you will now feel ready to jump onto the next opportunity. You have identified your set back and you are now motivated to approach your future client/partner. You have all the information you need at your fingertips; now all you need to do is execute.

5. Come back bigger and better

Don’t let rejection define your business. Just because one person did not agree to your proposal doesn’t mean that another person would not. You got a ‘no’ once; but what if you could get a ‘yes’ after a little tweaking? You’ve gone through what seemed so difficult to come back from and getting this far is an achievement in itself. You should be proud of yourself. Give it your all and watch the magic of not giving up happen.

Good luck!



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