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Updated: Dec 31, 2021

Can this year please end already! Is a common phrase I have frequently heard. The year 2020 has been one of a kind. Everyone has been impacted by it in one way or other, either positively ,negatively or both. This year has probably felt like for every courageous, bold, at times difficult decisions you have made, you are no closer to achieving any of the plans that you had once upon a time. This does not mean that we give up, and ''wait to see what will happen''. There are some things we can begin doing, to help prepare us in one way or other for the future.

It is important to start planning for 2021. There are always external factors that will always be out of your control, but you do have control over choices that you will need to make. What does personal planning for 2021 look like?

Here are some tips of what a plan can include to give you direction for the kind of life that YOU would like to have in 2021 and beyond......

Personal vision

I am sure you probably know the vision for the organization that you work in, the vision in your church, or the vision for your business, but what about your personal vision? Most people under-estimate the power of vision, yet because we are visual beings, we need a mental picture of where we are going. We need a vision of what can be possible. Vision pulls us forward and allows us to explore possibilities despite our current realities.

The mission

This is about creating and actualizing the vision irrespective of the size of the vision. Some visions may be big and scary, and that is ok! Start with big and broad plans that will help you move towards your vision and then narrow it down to the small and doable steps. This becomes the blue print for action which is the mission. Mission is an important activity that you believe that it is your duty to do.

Your purpose

It would be futile to be on a mission that is not yours. Finding your mission, and then fulfilling it is perhaps the most vital activity that you can engage in, because it clarifies your purpose. Purpose motivates, provides some stability and meaning. Lviing a life on purpose means experiencing fulfillment.

Your values

It has been said that one of the most important things in life is to decide what is important. Values influence decisions that prompt action which in turn lead to results. Values determine priorities and are silent forces behind many decisions and actions. Values show up in our choices, and choices are visible in behaviour. When you live in line with your values, it engenders a sense of well-being, self-esteem and self-respect. Frustration and confusion can be brought about when values are violated.

Vision what is possible, and take it a step further to put it down in writing. Look at it from various angles, all the while being open-minded and courageous. Visions can be scary, yet it is the process of who we become when we are living purposefully that is beautiful. The cherry on the cake will be when the vision becomes a reality.


I will be hosting a VIRTUAL 5-DAY PURPOSE CHALLENGE from the 11th - 15th of JANUARY 2021 to help you start being intentional about pursuing a meaningful life. Sign up below receive updates for this challenge. Finish 2020 strong, and consider what is possible in 2021.

Looking forward to you joining me,



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