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5 Tips To Help You Work Better At Home

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

Many people have now experienced what it is like to work from home. Some people can't wait to get back to the routine of going to work, others are enjoying every bit of it, while others would not mind the flexibility of doing both.

What has been your experience so far?

Working from home may continue for a while. Here are some personal tips that I found helpful, and I hope you will too.

  1. Do not try to be a superwoman. Yep. You heard me. Let go of the small things, and focus on what can be done on that day.

  2. Ask for help. It is not a sign of not having it together. Include those who are around you in your life by asking for help. It ultimately lightens your load.

  3. Have a simple schedule. It can be a lifesaver. Planning your days ahead will allow for things to actually get done. Schedule important things like waking time (yep, you heard me), exercise, meal times, work time, and rest.

  4. Create time-boundaries for work. Have a time when your workday starts, and ends, and have breaks in-between. At the end of the day, shut down that laptop, and try not to respond to your emails on the phone or other devices.

  5. This should probably be #1. PRAY! Prayer does not have to be structured for God to hear and give us help when we need it. It is the posture of our hearts that matters. He sees each one of us weary, tired, overwhelmed, just trying our best, and in those moments, when we do not even know what to pray for because there is just too much, approach His throne with confidence and you shall receive mercy and find grace to help you in your time of need. (Heb 4:16)


A coach can help you find an approach to working that suits your lifestyle and help you still achieve your goals.

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