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Hope and not despair

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

The uncertainty is all around us in livelihoods, education, relationships, health and so much more. Read part 1 of this article here

There is hope; Do not despair. The Lord God, who is our refuge and strength, our ever-present help in trouble - yes in this pandemic, is with us. He is our fortress. He says ‘’Be still and know that I am God’’. (Ps 46:10)

How can we be still, when everything around us is not the same, and looks nothing like the plans we had for the year? Just imagine for a moment being still when everybody around you is doing something. It may even look ridiculous and foolish.

Being still means allowing the Lord God Almighty to take charge.

It means reflecting back at what He has already done. It could be as far back as the last hour.

It means that anxiety is replaced by His insurmountable peace, even when everything around is in turmoil.

It means trusting Him with tomorrow, for He never fails us.

It means leaning in to listen and hear Him

We will know that He is God because He is with us (vs 7), He is our refuge and strength, and always ready to help in times of trouble when we need;

  1. to condole with those who have lost loved ones,

  2. to send that application even when everybody is saying they are not in a position to hire,

  3. to serve a client event though they may not be able to pay you,

  4. to spend invaluable time with your children, even though it looks like they have lost a year’s worth of education,

  5. to show compassion to someone who desperately needs it, even when you feel you are barely keeping it together,

  6. to work through a difficult relationship and so much more.

Be still and know that He is God


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