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Importance of Identity

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

‘’Nice to meet you. So, what do you do?’’

Me…(mumbling, barely audible) I am currently in between jobs, or

I am at home at the moment taking care of my children, or

I am doing a little business here and there….

The answers were always different, depending on who was asking the question, and what setting I was in.

‘’What do you do?’’ was a difficult question to answer in a particular season. Unfortunately, this is a question that many people conclude they know a person - by the manner this question is answered. Decisions on whether a person is eligible to be added to networks and clubs, or whether it is worthwhile to start a professional relationship or a simple friendship are based on this question. It can evoke a whole spectrum of feelings, both positive and negative depending on where a person is in a particular season. The truth is, what we do does not define who we are.

Jobs, businesses, relationships, finances, lifestyles, upbringing, etc have subconsciously defined who we think we are. What happens when they have all stripped away? Who are we then?

We tend to seek identity in everything else, but God.

“When you know who you are, you know what to do.” Shelly Hendrix

We are created in the image of God (Gen God’s children, (John 1:12) His chosen people, His special possession (1 Peter 2:9), His masterpiece (Eph 2:10) and we are complete in Christ( Col 2:10)

Knowing who you are in Christ, is vital. The pressure to conform is replaced with the freedom to be you were created to be.

Do you want to be

  • confident with who you are

  • sure of what you want

  • live a more enjoyable, exciting, and fulfilling life.

Would you like to know how?

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